Paul’s Tire Shop (‘Ye Old Barn’) was open in 1956 by Paul L Weller Sr. It was opened in demand of local customers seeking consistent and honest service from Paul’s previous business as a gas station and car services owner in Pottsville.

Repairing a flat for a friend.

Repairing a flat for a friend.

Paul Jr worked along side of his father for years until 1982 when the family business was taken by Paul Jr (currently) continuing his insight and experience in the industry.  Today Paul keep informed with current technology and options from tire manufacturers to select the best tred patterns and service options (like rotations, studs, and balancing) to keep your car performing.  Since the 90’s Paul has been heading out to two to four east coast NASCAR races per year where he and a team mount hundreds of tires that the race teams burn thru in practice, qualifying, and racing each week.


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  1. John Paul Marceau says:

    Great personal service from a real professional. Always the best prices and great advise on the best tires for your car and the kind of driving you do. Give Paul a call and give him 24 hours to get exactly the right tires you need, you won’t be disappointed.

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